Us Versus Them & Why It Matters

Dually doors upholds the value of craftsmanship, responsibility, reliability, honesty, and fairness with every job they complete.

We understand. We are people too: fathers, sons, brothers, and friends. We know what a hassle maintaining a beautiful home can be while keeping a budget in mind. We want to help you! We are the industry game-changers that simply do not settle for 'okay' or 'decent'. We strive for excellence and we strive for this the very first time. As much as we love servicing our customers, we take pride in the lengths of time between visits because that means our job has been done right!

Why are we different?

We are licensed, trained, insured, and perfection-seeking teams that thrive when we can make our clients' lives easier. Have you been a victim of the many garage doors that malfunction after only a couple of years? Is your operation making an unsettling noise? Do your springs need to be replaced? Have your parts been incorrectly sized? Call Dually today for:

  • full-service garage door installations and repairs
  • repairing faulty installations
  • resizing and replacing garage door parts
  • lifetime warranties with our services

Don't Become a Statistic

We have repaired the frustrations as well as garage door systems of people who have been wronged in the past. Don't let anyone else touch the system that keeps you safe!

Here is how most stories go:

  • A huge storm rolls through the panhandle and decimates your garage door system.
  • before insurance can get involved, you need a quick option to repair the damage at a low cost.
  • you hire another company out there who offers an attractive price and quick service
  • months or even a couple years down the road, things don't seem, sound, look, or feel right with the system.
  • you assume the time has come for a tune-up and so you oblige and call us
  • turns out, time is not your enemy, the entire system was not balanced accordingly or the wrong spring size was applied to your system causing the faulty nature.
  • We repair the past, educate the family, and offer a lifetime of repairs if needed (and they won't be needed).

Here is how Dually Doors wants your story to go:

  • It's time for a new garage door system, so you call Dually Doors
  • we educate you on what we are doing, why we are doing it this way, and how this will benefit you in the long-term.
  • you spend years with your new system, call us with any questions, and never have to worry about your garage door's functionality or safety again!

Don't do it twice, call Dually today!