Choose a Long-Lasting Color for Your Shutters

See why we use a powder coating process at our Pensacola, FL shop

The color you choose for your shutters is just as important as the color you choose for your home's door and exterior trim. Make sure it's long-lasting and beautifully applied by choosing Dually Doors as your installer. We use a powder coating method on all shutters in our Pensacola, FL workshop. This efficient method produces high-quality results.

You can choose virtually any color, as well as a gloss, semi-gloss or textured finish. Call 850-860-2919 today to ask about our color options.

3 reasons to powder coat your shutters

Dually Doors applies color to your shutters through a five-step powder coating process, which is safer and more efficient than traditional painting methods. Many of our customers prefer this method because it's...

  1. Long-lasting: The five-stage prep system Dually Doors uses means your shutters' color will last longer than traditional paint.
  2. Environmentally friendly: Because powder coating doesn't release VOCs the way liquid paint does, it helps protect the atmosphere.
  3. More attractive: This application method means you won't have any uneven coating, blotchy areas or brush strokes in the finished product.

Whether you're in the market for hurricane-proof storm shutters or one-of-a-kind custom shutters, you'll love the look of powder coating.